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A broad funding base ensures that CMI can remain independent and impartial. The main bulk of CMI’s project funding comes from public sources, primarily governments. The total amount of private funding is much less, but it is of vital importance for our work to ensure that we can react rapidly to emerging conflicts and work autonomously.

CMI’s private fundraising strategy in Finland is based on three pillars: private individuals, corporate partnerships and foundations. Below you find information on our current supporters.


Private individuals


 Premium Donors Club premium

CMI’s distinguished Premium Donors Club is a Finland-based circle of private donors who are committed to supporting CMI’s peacebuilding work by donating an annual sum of 2000 euros. The club has currently around 50 members. Premium Donors get a unique insight into our projects through regular meetings with our experts, various events and tailored workshops. We also annually receive a few minor donations from individuals through our website.

Read more about the Premium Donors Club here


Corporate Partnerships

CMI’s private fundraising efforts rely on cultivating strong and interactive corporate partnerships with companies that strategically support our work. Our partnership model consists of three levels; leading partners, partners and pro-bono partners. Pro bono support continues to be an important part of CMI’s corporate partnerships.

Read more about our how to get your company involved with CMI


Our current partners


Leading Partners

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 Partners in-kind

B2B Solutions, Franck Media, Graalphoto, Helena Åhman D.Sc. (Tech), Hunting Minds, Hiekka Graphics Oy, Iittala Group Ltd, Lumene, Marimekko, Playroom/Pekka Virtanen, Shearman & Sterling, Sullivan & Worcester



Finnish and international foundations remain an important source of private funding for CMI. CMI systematically and thoroughly surveys more international foundations that could finance CMI’s work.

 The foundations that supported CMI’s work in 2015 were:

jaes_enwihuri kordelin

  • German Federal Office, Project Zivik of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA)   ifa-logo-lang
  • Berghof Foundation
  • ICT4Peace Foundation
  • Konstsamfundet
  • Nippon Foundation
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  • TT-säätiö




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